Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help Me Take Over the World!

It seems to have slowed down a bit here lately, comment-wise (I don't seem to have a way of tracking page hits on the blog). I don't know if that's because it's summer, because I'm no longer relevant, or if it's because I'm not saying things that attract comments (other than when I talk about books, it seems). Or it may not have anything to do with anything. Still, it doesn't hurt to regroup and get a little feedback every so often. The idea behind having a blog is to communicate with my readers and maybe also write stuff of interest to people who haven't read my books, with the idea that they'll then want to find my books. In the Ongoing Plan for World Domination, the ideal is that I'd write stuff so compelling that people will spread the word through Twitter and other social networks, and people will then flock to my blog, forming an army of minions so mighty that the publishing world will grovel before me. Or something like that.

So, it's poll time! I tried to set this up as a real poll, with clicky boxes and everything, but the directions I found on the Blogger help thing didn't reflect what I actually see on my screen (possibly a result of that outdated browser). So, this will be an informal poll. Think of these answers as suggestions and give any feedback you like in comments. Anonymous comments are okay.

First, why do you read this blog?
You read my books and want to keep up on news
You're a friend from real life
You follow the writing posts
You think my posts are entertaining

How did you find this blog?
Link on my web site
Link via some other blog
On a friend's friends list
Searching for a topic

Now, to get into content. What topics or features do you like the most?
Book reports
The bi-weekly writing posts
Movie reviews or discussion
Television discussion
Updates on the projects in process
The publishing business
My real life

Which topics would you like to see more of?
Book discussion
Recipes and cooking
Real life
Movie discussion
Writing discussion
Television discussion
Discussion about the publishing business
Folklore and mythology

Would you be interested in:
An in-depth discussion/Q&A about my books
A "book club" for discussing a particular book and getting my thoughts on it
A reread and analysis of a popular book series
In-depth analysis of movies vaguely related to the topics in my books
An episode-by-episode, in-depth revisiting of a TV series
Health news and advice (that's my non-fiction work, may as well use it)

(Mind you, some of these will require audience participation.)

Feel free to add any thoughts or ideas about what you think would make this blog more interesting to you or that you think might recruit more minions -- er, draw more readers -- in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Well, I was drawn to your blog because I recently read your books and enjoyed much of it.

I think in order to gain more comments or readers it's also nice to actively participate or answer comments from your readers.

Plus a nifty design can also attract people ;).

Carradee said...

@ Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal:
Nifty designs can get expensive, though. Ms. Swendson does respond, when she has a response.

RE: the poll:
1. I follow your blog because it's entertaining and I like your writing posts. I also find it heartening, sometimes, because we seem a bit alike and it's not unusual for you to post about something about the time I'm moping that nobody has that problem.

2. I found your blog via your website. Back when I was first reading your books, greatly enjoyed them, and was concerned about the ending of book 3, because Katie's choice was missing an important piece of logic and I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or not. (Book 4 wasn't yet out.)

3. The most? Honestly, I think I like your analyses the most, regardless of if they're about romance movies, publishing trends, or something else. I enjoy the rest of it, too. I just don't always know what I can say in response other than "Hey, thanks for the interesting read." Which might come across as creepy and stalkerish after a post about your shoulder.

I'm glad it's doing better, though. I've been praying for you.

4. I'm not sure what I'd want to see more of. Though cooking isn't really my thing.

5. I'd be interested in anything you listed. I've participated in two online chats with Patricia Briggs. That was fun.

I have some odd health stuff going on, myself (You know you're a freak when your doctor finally calls you weird).

Hey, on that topic, have you ever heard of someone still being able to detect when something's cold but being unable to tell when their own bodies are cold unless they touch their own skin and thereby detect the cold? I'm having that. I'll get pain, goosebumps, and shivers from being too cold, without feeling cold.

Easiest example: Hand me an ice cube, I'll tell you it's cold. If I hold it a minute, then put it down and dry off my hand, I won't be able to tell that the ice cube made my hand cold; but if I touch my hand with my arm, cheek, fingers, etc., it'll feel cold.

I'm kinda playing doctor hopscotch. And my heat tolerance is shot.

Hope said...

I found your blog through your website, after I found that because I was looking to see if there was a 5th Enchanted book, after I found the series at my library (since then I have purchased the set and regularly thrust them into my friends' hands).

I most like your posts about yourself and reviews of movies and books, although I like the ones about writing too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry about it, I hardly ever get comments on my blog, either. I think it can take a while to develop a large-enough reader base that you actually have regular comments, because a small percentage of people actually comment. I was trying to comment regularly on yours, myself, but I have to make an effort to think of a response sometimes, even though I enjoy reading. Also sometimes it's hard to type with two kids crawling all over me, but clicking on links and scrolling down is less difficult. I can even read stuff while folding laundry.

1) Maybe a mix? I enjoy reading about your writing process and the publishing process. I'm interested in the personal stuff as well, though, so no objections there. Oh, and I found your blog before I read your books, but I did know that you were a writer and I like reading writers' blogs.

2) I don't remember how I found it, but I think it may have been a list of writers who have blogs? Not absolutely sure.

3) I like writing and publishing stuff both. Real life is cool. Movies, book, and TV discussions interest me if they're on series that interest me, they bore me if they aren't. So I imagine they're sort of hit-or-miss with some readers, depending on whether they're interested in the particular movie/show/book being reviewed. Cooking I'd prefer to avoid. I love cooking, but I'm picky and usually look up my own recipes. I don't mind something like, "I went to the Farmer's Market today and picked up some squash, made a delicious sauteed squash for dinner," in passing, but no real interest in whole posts about cooking/recipes.

4) Pretty much any of these interest me except for the health one, with the caveat that I would probably only participate in the discussion ones if they were on topics that I find interesting (I don't think I'd watch Lost just to join in a discussion, for instance, so I'd be a bit, well, lost).

Oh, and I agree, responding to comments might also help increase the comment numbers, when there's something to respond to (which obviously there isn't always).

Anonymous said...

@Carradee: That's true. I did send Ms. Swendson an email if she wants I can do her website design for free since I'm in the process of rebuilding my portfolio. I am just waiting for her response.

Chicory said...

I discovered your blog through Lisa Shearin's blog. (That's also how I discovered your books BTW.)

I really enjoy reading your blog, though I can't always think of comments. I think my favorites are the analysis of books and movies and especially your personal take on what you like and dislike. I think they open the way for discussion.

I enjoy hearing about your life too. I really liked hearing about teaching Bible-school. I don't think I commented at the time, though. I didn't feel like I had anything to say because I've always avoided working with young children. (My big sister forced me to cover a baby-setting job for her once when I was about fourteen, and I never recovered.)

Nancy said...

I read the Enchantment series last year & want to keep up on news. I found this site via - Other – YahooGroups. As for content, I like just about everthing - book reports,real life stuff ,etc.