Friday, July 31, 2009

Virtual Vicarious Vacation Friday: The Cotswolds

I'm visiting the parents today, so just a quick Virtual Vicarious Vacation post. We're still in England, from October 2000, the day after my day in Warwick (from last week). It was a day in the Cotswolds. I took a train from Oxford to a town with a train station, where I caught a bus to another town, where I bought a book of walks and then walked across-country to another town, where I caught the bus back to the train station. I don't have my guidebooks or photo albums with me, so I'm guessing on some of the spellings.

The town where I had lunch and bought a book of walking directions was called Stow (maybe Stowe) on the Wold, and there was this one fun moment on the street where an old car went by, and it was almost like something out of an old movie in that setting.

One benefit of seeing the country by walking is that you see things that wouldn't be visible from the road, like this manor house that appeared ahead as I emerged from the woods.

Then in the village of Lower Slaughter, there was an old mill with the water wheel.

That really was one of the best days of my life. I like walking, and walking like that and really seeing interesting stuff out in the country was just amazing. I capped off the day with a nice tea, and the whole day was sheer perfection.

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