Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weekend of Love and Cheap Shoes

In spite of being totally single, I had a wonderful weekend of ubiquitous commercialized representation of romance. For one thing, I had fabulous shoe shopping luck. I found the perfect pair of shoes for my needs, a pair that was soft and flexible enough that it shouldn't cause blisters and yet with enough support and cushioning for walking. Even better, they were on clearance, so I got a pair of Anne Klein shoes for less than a Target price. Since I was so under budget on that purchase, I let myself indulge in another clearance pair, some brown suede wedge-heeled Mary Janes that feel like sneakers. They look cool and semi-dressy, but are so comfortable I can imagine that they'll become my stand-by neutral shoes. This was yet another very expensive pair of shoes that I got at a Target price. Yay! Then on Sunday, I ran a few errands after church and caught the Dove dark chocolate hearts at half off at Target, then they had my favorite kind of bagels on the bakery clearance rack at the grocery store. Plus, the weekend wasn't without love. I got showered in kisses. Okay, so they were from a dachshund and were mostly on my hands and ankles, but it was the cutest dachshund with the sweetest face, and puppy kisses totally count. And I got to see the new Wallace and Gromit short, which was absolutely adorable. So, yeah, good weekend.

Now it's back to work. It's time to get strategic, given the woes of the publishing industry and the fact that my editor was caught in a round of bloodletting, leaving me orphaned. I have several projects in the works and need to select the one that's the best use of my time right now.

In other news, I haven't remembered to mention this, but I'll be at ConDFW in Dallas this weekend. I don't have a lot scheduled, just a panel on Saturday and one on Sunday, plus a reading and an autographing (one on each day, but I can't remember which one's on which day). I probably won't be around on Friday, as there's not a lot going on at the con that day, but I'll be hanging around most of the day on Saturday and Sunday and can likely be found at the FenCon party Saturday night. One of the panels I'm on includes Jim Butcher, so a giggle fit is likely (as I recall, he managed to set me off the last time). However, I don't seem to be moderating any panels, so the Wand of Moderation won't be making an appearance.

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Angie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your editor. I hope your new editor revisits the decision about book 5.