Sunday, June 29, 2008

Note from ApolloCon

Well, looks like all my ambitions about posting from ApolloCon and having photos thanks to my nifty new digital camera were overly optimistic, as I was too busy doing the con to talk about the con, and the camera never came out. Ah, well, doing the con is the priority, right?

And right now I'm very, very glad I decided to stay that extra night, as I'm suddenly getting tired. I've been up rather late two nights in a row, then got up earlier than I needed to because the brain woke up (earlier even than normal), and I believe it's catching up with me now that I'm done with panels. I'll be at the Dead Dog party in a little while, and wouldn't miss that as the con suite food has been amazing, and then I suspect I will curl up in bed with a book and the TV on and chill until I need to leave in the morning.

I've had a lot of fun and will post a more complete update later.

In other news, I'm the centerfold girl in the Nebula Awards issue of Locus. Well, actually it's just a couple of little photos in the Nebula spread, but both of them are near the fold, and in one of them I'm wearing that slinky evening dress and doing a silly "model" type voguish pose. I didn't realize the person taking pictures was taking them for Locus and goofed off a little. So the result is very much "centerfold in Locus." I guess there are worse things than having a nice, sexy photo with my name (even spelled correctly) in a major industry magazine. At WorldCon, I'll be happy to sign copies of my photo spread. :-)

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