Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

I have so many random things to talk about today that I'm not even going to try for a coherent post.

First, a huge thanks to all the nice things you're saying about the new book. That's one of the reasons I write (other than, let's face it, the money). It's so cool to have something that started in my head reach other people and make them happy. An even bigger thanks to all of you who are spreading the word, convincing bookstores to shelve the books, mentioning it on your blogs, etc.

The Kindle edition of Don't Hex with Texas is now listed at Amazon. It's also listed at Mobipocket as an e-book, and you can also get the e-book directly from the Ballantine Books web site. So, those of you waiting for electronic editions, there you go!

My mysterious telephone woes continue. In addition to the daily call with a pause and then ringing like I called someone, I also seem to get one-ring phantom calls about once a week, very early in the morning when I'm deep asleep. For a while, I thought I was just dreaming a ringing phone because when I woke up, the phone didn't ring again, and when I picked up the phone, I heard a dial-tone. But last week I was a little more awake than normal, and when I picked up the phone right away after the one ring, it was just silence on the line and not a dial tone, so I knew there really had been a call instead of me hallucinating it. This morning, I still had the ringer off on the bedside phone, and I heard a slight click sound on that phone along with the more distant sound of the other phones in the house ringing (I don't have a cordless, so I have phones in every room with a phone jack, plus the fax machine in the office). I really don't think I would dream the sound of all my other phones ringing but not the one by my bed if I were dreaming about a ringing telephone. There might be a horror movie in there. I'm sure it's been done, but I wouldn't have seen it because I am a weenie.

I will be making an unofficial appearance tomorrow (Saturday) at the Dallas CAPE Day (the free comics day) event. I'll be helping out at the FenCon table, but if you've bought books elsewhere in town that you want to get signed, I will be happy to do so, or chat, or whatever. I don't know how long I'll stay, but I'll be there in the morning from the beginning. It's at Craddock Park, which I understand is near Lemmon and the Tollway, but here's the site with info. I'm kind of curious about this, although I'm not really a comics fan. I'm more verbal than visual, and I've never liked pictures in books, except for non-fiction books with photos and maps. I don't even like book cover art that's supposed to actually depict the characters. It interferes with my own mental images, and I get far more detail in my head from reading words than I do from seeing pictures. Oddly enough, I'm a huge fan of newspaper comic strips. Reading the newspaper funny pages is a big highlight of my day, and I save it for the last part of the paper I read, like dessert. So, I guess I'll pick up some free comics to check it out and see if I can get over my issues with pictures or maybe find some middle ground between newspaper comics and comic books that tell more complex stories.

After my rant a month or so ago about glasses in fiction, someone finally got it right! On The Office last night, Pam had to wear her backup glasses to work because she'd stayed over with "a friend" and didn't have her contact solution with her. So, we've finally established a character as a contact lens wearer, who seems to really need lenses all the time to see, not just to read, and they've dealt with the logistical issues of being a contact lens wearer. I've always wondered what would happen in scenarios where characters end up spending the night somewhere or having to suddenly go on the run. What would a contact lens wearer do? It was nice to finally see that addressed.

My attempt to clear out my in box a few weeks ago has already sputtered. It's full again, since I've been out of town and busy. I will try to get back to people who've e-mailed me, but I've got a blog tour next week that I have to answer interview questions for, and then I'm supposed to get some revision notes from my agent on The Book That Will Not Die, so I'm having to backburner non-crisis things for a while. I would like to make it clear that I really can't help anyone find a book in a particular city, as I have no control over that and don't know anything about distribution. Ask someone at the bookstore because they can do more about getting you a book than I can. I also have very little control over getting book 5 published, and believe me, I want it more than you do. I will not be publishing it electronically anytime soon because that would prevent me from being able to publish it traditionally, and I still have hope. Plus, I can't afford the time to write something that wouldn't make much money. I need to focus on books that someone really wants to buy, since this is how I make my living and I have to be practical about it. Those are the two biggest questions I've been getting, so maybe that will answer it for those who've written to me.

Finally, I just had to share this, as it was too cute: A family of ducks has moved in to the swimming pool.

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