Monday, December 05, 2005

Off We Go

I'm about to head to the airport for the big trip to New York. Because I have a godawful early flight and because I'm insane, I decided to nap most of the afternoon, then stayed up all night. When traveling with Book Brain, that's probably the best option because it can take an hour after the alarm goes off for me to drag myself out of bed. As early as my flight is, I'd have had to set the alarm for not long after the time I might have eventually actually fallen asleep. I learned during the infamous Very Long Night of the Red Shoes that it is possible to stay awake overnight and that it is less stressful to leave for the airport after having been awake than to try to get a small amount of sleep, then try to wake up and get myself together to get to the airport on time.

Based on my experiences during the Very Long Night of the Red Shoes (I'd put in the link, but hello, it's 3:30 in the morning. It's in the Live Journal archives in late September), I imagine I'll be hating myself around five in the morning when I've been sitting around in the terminal for a while and still have another half hour to go. That's when it's tough, when you want to fall asleep but don't dare. But I will still go by the guidelines and get to the airport ridiculously early because parking can be a challenge at this time of year, and at this time of day the shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal can be slow.

Because of the Book Brain, I've made tons of lists of what I need to do and need to pack, so I'm really hoping I got it all. The plants are watered, the VCR is set, and I know I have the outfit I'm planning to wear for the meeting. I hope I don't need my hair dryer because there isn't room for it.

So, I guess it's time to shut down the computer and head out. I'll see everyone on Friday!

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